We work on the following 2 fields based on the concept “pleasant life” and “relaxing work”.

1.Green Design

  • Private house garden design, maintenance, care
  • Tree pruning and care
  • Branch lopping and care
  • Forestry and care

*Based on the idea of “plant care and sustainable environment”, we basically do not cut trees down unless under emergency situations such as branch falling and/or rot. We also do not use chemicals for plant care.

*Instead, we make tall trees smaller by pruning and lopping, and make your garden healthy by airing and soil improvement.

2.Information Design

  • Print materials and logo design
  • Japanese – English translation
  • Information editing
[Profile] Tomoko Negishi, Owner &Craftsperson
Art Institute of Boston (currently, Lesley University College of Art and Design) graduate
Nationally Licensed Japanese Gardener, ATI certified Basic Arborist